Learning to play music is a fantastic way to learn how to learn.

Discovering how to play a musical instrument is a journey which invites visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning to work together. Research shows that those who learn a musical instrument gain so much from the experience.

Learning happens when a musician listens, finds something that might be better changed, and then works out how to change it. Sometime it’s a physical change, sometimes it’s a change in the way you think and it is always your change and has to be done in the way that works for you.

This is how I approach teaching and how you make progress when learning an instrument.

I teach individual lessons at home. Lessons can be arranged on a weekly basis, or fortnightly if you prefer. The time is spent focusing on playing music, and learning technique in order to make that happen. Learning is done by ear. If you want to learn with the support of written music I can help you with that too. I have experience in helping those who want to access genres other than the one they are familiar with and am also happy to teach beginners.

Currently the main areas of my teaching are violin and piano accordion and piano. I will prepare children for both practical and theory exams if asked.


“ Since I have been learning fiddle with Christine not only has my playing improved but, and most importantly, my confidence and enjoyment has also increased. She is so supportive, patient and encouraging you couldn’t fail to have a wonderful time learning to play music. She has made me feel like a “real” musician. I can’t recommend learning an instrument with Christine highly enough.”

Chris Drage, Violin Pupil


New Challenges

Just imagine what it would be like if you could hear yourself playing music in the way you wish.

small violin


Think how it would be if your child could enjoy learning to play music and soon your family could see how much they enjoy making music.

small accordian


Imagine what it would be like to learn a new skill and impress your friends.

small violin

Feeling Good

What if you could learn in such a way that leads you to feeling good about the music you play?