Once described as being “hungry for music” it was only a matter of time before I left my previous full time occupation to spend more time playing.


Audiences who have seen Fiddle and Faff have said we make the songs our own and are touched by the rapport between us. Bowjolie with Christine Dyer, playing tunes in original arrangements for nyckelharpas, fiddles and accordion is increasingly finding bookings at Folk Festivals and Dance Clubs.


Fiddle and Faff

A duo with Lissie Bayford. Our music is mostly drawn from the folk tradition, peppered with other influences that take our fancy and encompasses songs and tunes from the lyrical and lovely, to the toe-tapping and quirky. Christine plays fiddle, accordion & nyckelharpa and sings harmony while Lissie sings and plays double bass, mando bass and mandolin so that together they create performances that are entertaining and engaging. The CD Two Wooden Chairs is available from their website and a new CD is planned for 2018.


Contact:  hello@fiddleandfaff.com


Bowjolie is Christine Adams and Christine Dyer playing tunes on nyckelharpas. fiddles and accordion. It was hearing Christine Dyer play the nyckelharpa that first drew Christine to the instrument so it’s a joy now to be playing with her. Her knowledge of Swedish tunes is second to none and her love of dance tunes shines through. With a growing reputation for beautiful arrangements of tunes at festivals and dance clubs, Bowjolie regularly work with several dance leaders including Barbara Kelly, whose infectious love of dance makes for a great time for all who come along to learn Swedish dance.


Contact:   bowjolie@hotmail.com

Petits Bijoux

Christine can be found playing accordion for Tonbridge based singer France de la Cour, French chanson from Edith Piaf to Zaz with some French Café Music to add to the ambience.


Contact: hello@christineadamsmusic.co.uk

Miss Norrington's Notes

Miss Norrington’s Notes delight in creating the perfect music for your social dance. With their skillful arrangements of tunes played on a combination of violin, nyckelharpa, double bass, mando-bass, keyboard & accordion, they will enchant the ear and entice the feet! Experienced players for Regency, Playford, English Barn Dance, Ceilidh and Contra, they are happy to play for a particular dance style or for a mixed evening.


Contact: missnorrington@gmail.com