Christine loves to hear folk playing music together. She has for many years loved watching what happens when those who play music sit together and create more than they might do by themselves.  Sometimes what happens in the space in between is magical, sometimes beautiful and it is always worth finding out what happens.


After many years of working with children and helping them to find their own love of music, she is now concentrating on playing more and teaching less, and both sides of this give life to the other.

On the journey Christine has found help in growing her own musical life from many others. Learning from Peter Knight at his Violin Masterclasses has been central to her ability to recognise that her relationship with music is essential, not only so she can help others by teaching, but also for her own self expression. Singing with Lissie Bayford has given her the gift of sharing music and songs in a way that draws the listener into the space where they can share what the song means to them.

The opportunity to share tunes with Christine Dyer on nyckelharpa, fiddle and accordion is a delight. Asking Jonny Dyer for help in working out how to make the sounds she wants on the accordion was such a good thing, as his ability to spot what might need to happen to achieve the results she is looking for is a gift. To those and others, thank you.